Meet the KAP Executive Team

The Kent Association on Paraeducators (KAP) is governed by a member-elected Executive Team consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The KAP president shall:

          i.     preside at all official meetings and shall perform such duties as are customarily associated with the office
         ii.     appoint and/or discharge all committee members with the approval of the executive board and serve as an ex- 
                 officio member on all committees or designate someone to do so
        iii.     charge committees with their duties
        iv.     pre-authorize all Association communications to the general membership and building representatives or designate
                someone to do so
        v.     represent the Association at meetings with school district management and council, regional, state and national
                meetings of the Association as applicable or designate someone to do so
       vi.     attend all Puget Sound UniServ Council president trainings

The KAP vice-president shall:

          i.     act in the absence of the president
         ii.     assist president in Association matters
        iii.     serve as membership committee chair
        iv.     conduct new hire orientations
         v.     shall accompany the president at meetings involving school district management
        vi.     email distribution of copies of all proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws

The KAP secretary shall:

          i.     handle assigned correspondence for the Association
         ii.     notify the appropriate members of the time and place of the executive board, general membership and building
                 representative meetings within the time limits set forth in the Constitution
        iii.     keep accurate minutes of all KAP meetings, email copies of general membership meetings and building
                 representative meetings minutes within seven (7) calendar days following each meeting
        iv.     maintain the records and files of the Association
         v.     create all PowerPoint presentations for all meetings
        vi.     update bank signature cards as new a treasure is elected

The KAP treasurer shall:

          i.     serve as parliamentarian for the Association
         ii.     deposit all monies in a bank in the name of the Association
        iii.     update signature cards as new executive board members are elected
        iv.     disburse funds accordingly upon approval by the president
         v.     sign all checks, along with either the president or one other executive board officer for checks in excess of $300
        vi.     prepare and present the yearly proposed budget, and end of year budget reports which shall be discussed once a
                 year at the general membership meeting in September
        vii.     present the monthly budget report at each membership meeting
       viii.     prepare the books for an audit if necessary
         ix.     file the appropriate federal tax forms if necessary